Additional Employment

June-August, 2005, October 2006, September 2007 Visiting Research Associate, Freie University, Berlin
January, July 2003 Visiting Research Associate,  London School of Economics, London
March-April 2001, February-March 2002 Visiting Research Associate, IRIS Center, Maryland University
May-June 1999 Research fellow, Reforms and Discovery of the Post-Socialist systems (ROSES), University Paris-1, Pantheon, Sorbonne.
Sep.-Oct. 1995 Research fellow, The Centre of Theoretical Analysis of Organisations and Markets (ATOM). University Paris-1, Pantheon, Sorbonna.
May-July, 1994 Research fellow. Laboratory of Applied Microeconomy, University Paris-1, Pantheon, Sorbonna.
Apr.-May 1998
July-Aug. 1996
April-May 1995
Nov.-Dec. 1994
Nov.-Dec. 1993
Research fellow / SEOR / Erasmus University / Rotterdam, Netherlands
1994-1997 Visiting professor. University – Cultural Policy School, (Moscow, Barnaul, Mirny, Novokuznetsk, Biisk, Mezdurechensk.etc.)


Leading researcher of Institute of Economics of Academy of Sciences of Russia
Feb.-March 1993 Visiting Research Associate, Center for Study of Public Choice, George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia, USA
1990-1994 Professor of Institute of Asian and African Countries
Apr.-May, 1992 Research fellow. Institute for Humane Studies at George Mason University
1988-1990 Senior researcher. Department of Social Philosophy of Institute of Philosophy of Russian Academy of Sciences
1989, 1986 Guest lecturer School of International Studies of Javacharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India