New issue of Journal of Institutional Studies (Issue 4, Vol. 6, 2014)

Came out 2014 year the 4th issue of Journal of Institutional Studies (Issue 4, Vol. 6, 2014)

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Nureev R. M. Development economics: neoinstitutional approach of
Hernando de Soto
Koryttsev M. A. To the problem of ethical norms incorporation into
modern theories of economics
Rozmainsky I. V., Lozhnikova A. V. Thinking about capitalism,
innovation and dynamics in Post-Soviet Russia

Volchik V. V., Krivosheeva-Medyantseva D. D. Institutions, resources and
the Russian national innovation system or why we face hurdles in preparing
“the innovation soup”
Dzagurova N. B., Agamirova M. E. Criteria for selfish and cooperative
relation-specific investments distinction
Malkina M. Yu. Institutional frameworks of the reducing quality of
goods and services in the market economy
(the answer to I. V. Rozmainsky)
Skorobogatov A. S. Evolutionary choice of institutional norms in the
non-ergodic environment
Barbashin M. Yu. The optimal institutional strategies and identity in
uncertainty of social dilemmas: binary games

Utenov G. G. The functions of the Central Bank of Russia expansion:
A step forward or two steps back?
Volchik V. V. Lights and shadows of Olympic Games
(review of the R. M. Nureev & E. V. Markin monograph «Olympic Games
Economics», Moscow, Norma, 2014, 144 p.)